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Free offline task management tool, in a Kanban way!


Task management, in a Kanban way!

Projscope Tasks is a clean and simple task management tool build with Kanban methodology in mind! Dragging a task between areas will speed up task management and improve overall clarity.

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Clean and simple UI

  • This task manager differentiates itself by design with minimalism and efficiency in mind, allowing free of easy task management.

  • Our tool currently has 4 sections [Backlog, To Do, In progress, Done] which reflects the four stages of Kanban methodology.

  • Once you have tasks, you can easily drag & drop them between sections reflecting each project status and updates.

  • Ability to set task priority will provide indication which task should be prioritized first.

*We will be adding more functionality and features over time.

Fully Offline

  • In noways reality most of the apps and services running in a cloud, creating opportunity for data breach and dependency in service provider.

  • This product was build in a different mind set where you the only data owner and you do not need to rely neigher on weak Internet signal (to be exact on any Internet signal :) ) nor on service provider.

  • You in control of your data.

*We might explore future possibilities for cross-device project management.

Different OS, same UI!

  • Projscope Tasks will support three major platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux.

  • Currently Windows versions & Linux is released

  • Mac will be released soon!


Crafted for solopreneurs and small projects

Regardless, if this being a hobby, a project or you wish to run your life by,

This tool will ideal to help you manage your hobby, pet projects or small business in efficient manner.

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Built for growth

- Task priority management

- Ability to search across all sections

- Light and Dark Themes

- Many others...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Projscope Tasks free of charge ?

This task manager differentiate itself by designed with minimalism and efficiency in mind, allowing free of charge task management.

How about future features ?

Projscope Tasks will periodically notify and automatically update if there is new version.

I see Windows 10 prevent app from running message

First of all nothing to be afraid of. This is standard Windows 10 protection procedure and it requires certificate purchase( > $500) yearly.

Since this Projscope Tasks is free of charge, we need to find revenue channels in the future to address it.

So for now hit Click More Info link in mentioned message and then click on Run anyway button.

Why Projscope Tasks ?

Most task management tools are online and it is clear overkill when it is one man project or small team of individuals but one focal point on tasks.

Projscope Tasks was developed for personal needs to manage variety of small software projects. It easily performs both with software and non software task management needs.

This software will be periodically updated with new features and bug fixes.

Is there plans for paid version ?

Currently Projscope Tasks is provided AS IS, free of charge. Paid version might be evaluated in the future.

I have and idea or business proposition

Ideas, business propositions, bug fixes requests and other please send to support@projscope.com

Still have a question? Reach out to: support@projscope.com